How speedy is SPDY?

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This page aims to collect minimal but complete knowns about SPDY, including key design, tools, and evidence. Contact Sophia ( if you think something is missing from this page.
White paper, standard, and specs
SPDY white paper
background, motivations, design, implementations, and preliminary measurements from Google

SPDY project page

SPDY Essentials
Slides of Google Tech Talk on SPDY by its developers from Google

SPDY best practices
A list of low-hanging best practices to follow in order to get the most out of SPDY.

SPDY/3 specs
SPDY/3 protocol details

SPDY project page, including links to draft specs.
SPDY performance on mobile networks
A study of SPDY on 77 pages across 31 domains in 3G/4G networks. SPDY is 23% faster.

Not as SPDY as You Thought
A study of SPDY on top 500 US pages by remaining 3rd-party domains. SPDY helps marginally.

A comparison of SPDY and HTTP performance
A study of SPDY, HTTP, HTTP pipelining, and minification. Use of existing optimizations such as pipelining and minification can bring HTTP's performance close to that of SPDY.

Analysis of SPDY and TCP Initcwnd
A study of SPDY servers on three synthetic pages. SPDY's performance varies.

Towards a SPDY'ier Mobile Web?
A study of SPDY proxies in 3G networks. A key finding is that a single TCP connection hurts due to poor interactions between 3G radios and TCP.

How speedy is SPDY?
A systematic study of SPDY servers that explains why SPDY performs as is. Key findings are that the most performance benefit of SPDY comes from its single TCP connection and that dependencies and computation in real browsers largely reduce SPDY's impact (both positively and negatively).
Apache SPDY module (server). To use nossl SPDY, you need to add a line SpdyDebugUseSpdyForNonSslConnections 3 to spdy.conf where 3 means SPDY/3 (2 means SPDY/2); if you use Chrome as the client, add --use-spdy=no-ssl to the command line args.

node.js SPDY
node.js SPDY package(server)
Background, the protocol, the implementations and the future by Daniel Stenberg.